What materials can I use to mask off my stairs?

Covering the stairs when doing odd jobs is only temporary, but masking is necessary before you start working as a mover, contractor, plasterer or painter. Temporary masking of stairs must be safe, the material must be applied quickly and removed quickly/easily.

There are several materials to protect your stairs against dirt and damage, this depends entirely on the composition of your stairs.

Below we have listed for you the best materials to use when masking a staircase.

Protecting stairs with carpet

If you want to mask a staircase that is covered with carpet, we recommend using a Carpet Cover of Dutch Protect Flooring. Carpet Cover is a self-adhesive film that provides optimum protection during intensive work. Because the film has a special adhesive, it adheres well to all types of carpets and does not slip around. You can create a walkway on the stairs within a minute. When removed Carpet Cover leaves no adhesive residue.

Masking wooden stairs

If you want to mask a wooden staircase, we advise you to use a Floor Cover of Dutch Protect Flooring. Floor Cover is a self-adhesive film that has been specially developed for the protection of hard surfaces and is particularly suitable for covering wooden stairs that are not treated with a lacquer or paint. Floor Cover is easy to apply and offers a good protection for wooden stairs.

Masking of painted or varnished stairs

If you want to mask off a painted or varnished staircase, choose a Multicover / Perfect Cover standard and Multicover / Perfect Cover Premium. These are self-adhesive protective fleeces. The material is non-slip, moisture-proof and offers good protection for sensitive stairs that are painted or varnished.

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