What kind of cover material do I need?

Dutch Protect Flooring is a specialist in the supply of various covering materials to protect your floor during all kinds of building, renovation and job work.

Nowadays there are many kinds of floors like parquet, cast floors, laminate, pvc, tile floors etc. During the renovation or reconstruction of your home, painting or when moving, the floor always has a lot to endure. Naturally, you want to give it optimum protection against dirt, discolouration and damage. Depending on the floor and the activities that are to be carried out, the floor needs to be protected with a suitable covering material. Take painting and plastering, for example.

When painting, it often happens that paint splashes will occur. Painting without splashes is almost impossible. It is important to protect your floor well, but which covering material should you choose when you start painting? Depending on the type of floor that you wish to protect, we have a number of covering materials available.

Multi Cover Basic

During painting or plastering Multi Cover Basic offers a safe floor protection for carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile and concrete floors and PVC floors. Multi Cover Basic can also be used for exterior floors. Multi Cover Basic is also called painter's fleece because this cover material is highly absorbent and moisture tight at the bottom. Handy if you spill paint. This makes Multi Cover Basic very suitable to cover the floor during painting or plastering.

Cardboard floor protection

Plastic sheeting is often used when plastering walls and can also be applied to hard "dry" surfaces such as laminate, parquet, tile and concrete floors etc. The difference with a cover fleece is that stucloper is not shock absorbing. So if something hard falls to the floor during work, there is a greater chance of damage.

Multi Cover Breathable

If you have a floor that still needs to harden or breathe, such as natural stone, wood or a newly laid self-levelling floor, then Multi Cover Breathable is a safe breathable covering material during painting. Multi Cover Breathable is a self-adhesive covering material that allows the floor to breathe freely. The covering material absorbs a lot of dirt and moisture. Therefore this is a very suitable covering material during painting or plastering of a newly laid floor.

Of course we have many more covering materials in our range. If you want to buy the right covering material, then also check out our various basesYou will always find the right covering material for any surface. Of course you can always contact us for questions or advice. You can do this by mail: info@dutchprotectflooring.nl or give us a call: 0320-337373.