What is the difference between Duct tape and Gaffer tape?

In our webshop we have the choice of MCT Duct tape and Nichiban premium duct tape.

Our Nichiban premium duct tape is actually a Gaffer tape.

Gaffer tape is a kind of Duct tape and therefore the tapes are often compared to each other. But there is a difference between both tapes.

In this blog we would like to explain these differences, so that you always choose the right tape.

For this, we must first go back to the origins of Duct tape.

History of Duct Tape

During World War II, American soldiers needed waterproof material to keep their ammunition from getting wet. The manufacturer Johnson & Johnson produced in 1942 for the army and the soldiers waterproof and hand tearable tape.

Because the water slipped off the tape like water off a duck's back, the tape was soon christened Duck tape.

The use of the tape proved to be endless and not just to keep ammunition dry. Ammunition boxes were taped with Duck tape. Emergency repairs to rifles were done with it, material was taped to clothing and even minor repairs to Jeeps proved possible. The colour of the tape was army green.

After the Second World War, when many houses were built, people discovered that this tape was also very suitable for connecting the metal air conditioning and heating ducts. This was also the moment that the colour of the tape changed from army green to silver.

Gaffer tape

Eventually the tape also ended up on film sets in America to tape cables.

On a film set it is of course important that all cables are neatly attached so that no one falls over them or they appear on the screen. After the recording or production the tape has to be removed easily. This makes it important that the tape does not leave any glue residues and can be easily removed again.

The person who does this on film sets is the "Gaffer", this is also the supervisor of the lighting technicians in the film industry. This is how the name Gaffer tape came about.

Because artificial lighting is often used on a film set, it is of course important that all cables from the lamps are neatly concealed by gaffa tape. It is of course important that the tape is not noticeable on a film set, which is why black was chosen.

The difference

The difference between the two tapes is therefore mainly in the type of glue of the tape and thus the application.

Maar wat is ducttape eigenlijk en waarvoor wordt het gebruikt? Duct tape wordt over het algemeen gebruikt om iets permanent te repareren waardoor het dus belangrijk is dat de lijm een krachtige hechting heeft aan de ondergrond.

Gaffer tape, on the other hand, is mainly characterised by the fact that it is easy to remove. Often without leaving any glue behind.

The agreements

The similarities between the tapes are:

  • both are water resistant
  • the carrier is provided with linen.
  • Both tapes are easy to tear.

Hopefully, with this explanation you can always choose the right tape.

Permanent repair

So if you want to fix something permanently choose our MCT Duct tape.

The MCT Duct tape from our range is a sturdy, oil and water-resistant tape that is highly suitable for emergency repairs. MCT Duct tape is also suitable for taping together stucco runners and masking fleece.

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Nichiban premium duct tape has a high adhesive power. This tape is easy to tear and can be removed cleanly if used correctly. Nichiban is the right choice for the professional in theatres, stages, rental business, etc.

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Our product range

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