During a renovation of a house, it is very important to use good floor protection. With the right kind of floor protection you can prevent a floor from being damaged or becoming dirty by, for example, paint splatters. Depending on the type of floor, different types of floor protection are available.

Floor protection for carpet                                                                                          

Carpet Cover is a protective film which is extremely suitable for covering carpet. With Carpet Cover the carpet is protected against dirt, moisture and filth during e.g. painting and plastering activities.

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Carpet Cover is an extra strong, self-adhesive protective film that you can easily apply to carpet. Because the adhesive layer is on the outside of the roll, you can cover carpet quickly and easily. This makes Carpet Cover ideal for covering large and small spaces. The specially developed adhesive layer on the film does not leave any glue residues, even when used intensively. Carpet Cover is also very suitable for covering stairs with carpet.

Floor protection for laminate and tiles

Floor Cover is a protective film that provides safe temporary floor protection for hard floors, such as laminate, linoleum, ceramic tiles or flagstones during renovations. Thanks to the very thick material, this product is extremely suitable for intensive work.

Covering laminate, tiles or linoleum with Floor Cover of Dutch Protect Flooring is very simple. The roll of cover foil is rolled up in such a way that the adhesive layer is on the outside. You unroll the cover foil by hand or foot and make sure that all seams are overlapped. The adhesive layer does not adhere too strongly to the subfloor, so that the cover foil can be removed quickly and does not leave any glue residues. 

Floor protection for parquet floors

A parquet floor is a valuable floor that you do not want to damage during renovations. During a renovation, you do not want moisture, paint or dirt to get onto your parquet floor or for the parquet floor to become damaged. A wooden floor must be protected in an appropriate manner. Multi Cover Premium has been specially developed for the protection of parquet floors during renovations.

Multi Cover Premium has a moisture proof top layer but allows any residual vapors from the underlying parquet floor to pass through. Due to the anti-slip underlayer, Multi Cover Premium remains securely on the floor. Furthermore, Multi Cover Premium is shock absorbing and resistant to intensive loading.

Protecting natural stone floors

During odd jobs and renovations, it is wise to protect a newly laid natural stone floor against moisture, paint and dirt. If the moisture cannot escape, discoloration and stains may occur in the natural stone floor. Therefore, always cover a freshly laid natural stone floor in an appropriate manner with a breathable covering fleece such as Multi Cover Breathable.

Multi Cover Breathable is very highly vapour permeable and moisture tight from the top. The non-slip bottom layer also ensures that Multi Cover Breathable stays in place. Multi Cover Breathable is shock absorbing. With this floor protection your floor is optimally protected.

Floor protection for stairs and various floors

During intensive new-build, renovation and maintenance work, Multi Cover Standard A safe floor protection for all kinds of floors and stairs. Multi Cover Standard can also be used for covering concrete galleries, balcony parts or concrete stairs.

Multi Cover Standard is shock absorbent. This makes it extremely suitable for protecting hard surfaces from intensive use. The anti-slip carpet pad is self-adhesive and therefore always remains securely in place. It is therefore safe to walk on, even on stairs. Multi Cover Standard is reusable.

Floor protection during painting work

During painting or plastering work Multi Cover Basic A safe floor protection for carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile, concrete and pvc floors. Paint or other substances are collected and sucked up and do not penetrate the foil carpet pad. This makes Multi Cover Basic the ideal cover fleece to use during painting activities. Multi Cover Basic can also be used for exterior floors.