Covering the floor

Covering your floor is very useful in various situations. Think of renovation work such as painting, carpentry, bricklaying or plastering. To prevent damage to your floor, it is then wise to cover it properly. It is important, however, that you use the right covering material to prevent damage. After all, every floor has its own properties. One floor may be resistant to moisture, another may be very stain sensitive, and so on.

Dutch Protect Flooring has the right covering material for every floor! Whether you are covering carpet, laminate, tiles, wood, natural stone or an upholstered staircase. Covering the floor often prevents many unpleasant situations. Therefore feel free to look around on our website. Here you will find for each surface always the right covering material. To get you started, we have explained a number of special substrates below.

Cover newly laid and treated floors and moisture-sensitive floors

When covering a newly laid and treated floor and floors that are sensitive to moisture such as natural stone and cast floors, it is very important to choose a suitable covering material that protects your floor and allows it to breathe at the same time. The moisture in the tile adhesive or grout must be allowed to evaporate. What is absolutely important is that you use a very breathable material. If the moisture cannot escape, discoloration and white spots will appear in your floor. Multi Cover Air Pro Ademend is very high vapor permeability, namely 2 liters/m2 per day! Thanks to the breathable membrane, the floor can breathe freely while being moisture proof from the top. Thanks to the special anti-slip underlayer, the Multi Cover Air Pro Ademend always lie properly without tripping or slipping hazards.

The benefits of Multi Cover Air Pro Ademend:

  • Vapour permeable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Moisture proof from the top
  • Suitable for newly laid floors
  • Non-slip thanks to slightly adhesive carpet pad
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Reusable

Carpet cover

Painting, wallpapering, plastering, major jobs or a complete renovation. It is usually accompanied by a lot of dirt and grime. You can easily protect your carpet against dirt (moisture) and damage. Dutch Protect Flooring has a product especially for covering carpets, which protects the carpet against this: Carpet Cover. Carpet Cover is an extra thick and tough self-adhesive protective film which you can easily apply to carpet. Because the adhesive layer is on the outside of the roll, you can cover carpet quickly and easily. With this Carpet Cover Ideal for covering large and small areas. The specially developed adhesive layer on the film, does not leave adhesive residues even with intensive use. Furthermore it is Carpet Cover also ideally suited for covering stairs with carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Cover cover sheet:

  • Easy and fast to process
  • Extremely strong
  • Stays in place
  • Particularly fast to remove
  • Leaves no glue residue
  • Ideal for covering upholstered stairs
  • Ideal for rolling traffic, such as rolling scaffold, carts and dolleys

Covering parquet

Parquet covers your with our Multi Cover Air Plus / Premium. If you are going to do DIY, remodel or renovate, you want your parquet floor to remain intact. Therefore, you should cover your wooden floor in an appropriate manner. Parquet is a natural material and should therefore never be closed off/covered for long periods of time. Self-adhesive films are not recommended due to the often treated top layer of parquet (lacquer, wax or oil). Specially for covering parquet floors is Multi Cover Air Plus / Premium developed, a covering material especially suitable for covering parquet.

Of course you don't want moisture, paint and dirt to ruin your parquet floor during a renovation. And you certainly don't want the parquet floor to get scratched or dented by sliding stairs or falling tools. Multi Cover Air Plus / Premium is slightly breathable (70gr/m2/day), non-slip, moisture-proof from the top and extra thick for absorbing intensive work. The protective fleece is thus a safe way to cover your parquet floor.

The benefits of Multi Cover Premium:

  • Quick and easy to us
  • Shock absorbing
  • Moisture repellent top layer
  • Breathable underlay
  • Non-slip layer
  • Reusable

Of course, there are even more surfaces that can be covered and we have even more covering materials for this in our range. You can read all about it on our website and in our other blogs. Would you rather get in touch personally? Please feel free to contact us at: 0320-337373. We are at your service.