At Dutch Protect Flooring we have all the necessary materials to optimally protect your newly laid floor during a renovation or refurbishment.

Temporary Protection

Looking for temporary protection? It is important to protect the floor during a move. At Dutch Event Carpets you will find all protective materials that will make a move go smoothly. 

Dutch Protect Flooring's materials always allow us to supply the right products for optimum protection of your floor. Our Carpet Cover, Floor Cover, cardboard floor protection and a range of masking fabrics ensure we always have the right solution for every application.

Of course it is important to apply these materials in the right way. This often takes a lot of time. Time is precious and often results in a delay in the construction.

Professional protection for your floor

Are you unable to do this yourself and would you like to have efficient and professional protection for your floor quickly? At Dutch Protect Flooring, we are happy to take this work off your hands and offer you the opportunity to make use of our installation/protection service.

At Dutch Protect Flooring, we have a team of professionals at your service who will ensure that your floor is carefully protected with the correct material in a quick and efficient manner.

Construction carpet

Covered carpet

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49.95 inc. VAT
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42.95 inc. VAT
We add protection!

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