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Why do I need to protect my floor?

Protecting floors is important to prevent your floor from becoming damaged, discoloured and/or dirty during your renovation and refurbishment work.

What types of cover materials are there?

Dutch Protect Flooring has a very extensive range of cover materials consisting of: cardboard floor protection, Floor Cover films, Carpet Cover film, Multicover protective fleece and Construction carpet

What is a good protection for carpet?
To protect carpet, we recommend using Carpet Cover from Easydek. Carpet Cover is an extra thick and tough self-adhesive protection film that you can easily apply to carpet. Because the adhesive layer is on the outside of the roll, you can cover carpet easily and quickly.
How do I know which covering material to use to cover my floor?

Depending on the floor that needs to be protected, we have the right covering material for every floor. On our website, you will find the right covering material for every surface and application. For each product we have listed the properties and applications so you always make the right choice.

What is cover fleece?

Protective fleece is a covering material for the temporary protection of hard floors. The non-wovens are available in 4 variants. Click on the link to see the various specifications - Multicover Basic - Multicover Premium - Multicover Event - Mulitcover breathable.

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