Staircase protection

During a rebuilding or renovation a staircase can have a lot of hardship. Naturally, you do not want your stairs to become damaged or dirty. To protect your stairs during a renovation, move or renovation, Dutch Protect Flooring offers several solutions for covering your stairs during a renovation.

Covering stairs in the right way is not easy

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Carpet Cover, for covering stairs with carpet

If the stairs are carpeted, the best way to cover your stairs during a renovation is with Carpet Cover professional cover film. Carpet Cover is specially developed for covering carpet and therefore also carpeted stairs. Because of the special clay layer the cover film stays on the stairs. This makes Carpet Cover ideal as step protection for your carpeted stairs. Carpet Cover professional cover foil leaves no glue residue on your carpet. In short the perfect solution for covering your stairs.

Floor Cover, for covering untreated wooden stairs

If you want to cover a wooden staircase during a remodeling or renovation, we advise you to use our Floor Cover. Floor Cover is a self-adhesive professional covering foil which is especially developed for covering hard surfaces such as laminate, tiles and linoleum. Floor Cover is particularly suitable as stairstep protection for covering wooden stairs that are not treated with a varnish or paint. Floor Cover is easy to apply and offers a good stair protection for wooden stairs.

Multi Cover Standard and Multi Cover Premium professional cover fleece for covering painted or varnished staircases

For covering painted or varnished staircases the professional self-adhesive cover fleeces Multi Cover Premium and Multi Cover Standard are very suitable. Multi Cover Premium professional cover fleece is specially delivered on rolls of 80cm wide so that you can quickly and easily cover a staircase. The material is non-slip, moisture resistant and offers good protection for sensitive stairs that are painted or varnished.

Multi Cover Standard professional cover fleece is supplied in several dimensions. Multi Cover Standard is supplied in a handy size of 65 centimeters and is therefore very suitable as a self-adhesive stucloper for your stairs. Multi Cover Standard from Easydek is quick and easy to process. Simply roll out by hand or foot. Multi Cover Standard professional cover fleece can also be used for covering concrete stairs.

Fast delivery of protective materials

Dutch Protect Flooring can always quickly supply all protective materials from stock, at very competitive prices.


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