At Dutch Protect Flooring, we have a wide range of technical tapes for both permanent and temporary adhesion. These include duct tape, gaffer tape, double-sided tape, removable, cardboardtape and painters tape.

Masking tape crepe

DPF Masking tape 25/50

1.51 inc. VAT
46.28 inc. VAT
12.28 inc. VAT

Masking tape crepe

DPF Masking tape 38/50

2.18 inc. VAT
44.43 inc. VAT
11.76 inc. VAT
59.24 inc. VAT

Masking tape ricepaper lilac

DPF Masking tape Lowtack Lilac 25/50

4.60 inc. VAT
140.70 inc. VAT
37.24 inc. VAT

Masking tape ricepaper lilac

DPF Masking tape Lowtack Lilac 38/50

6.96 inc. VAT
37.57 inc. VAT
34.80 inc. VAT

Masking tape ricepaper gold

DPF Washi tape 38/50 (24 pieces)

133.29 inc. VAT
8.41 inc. VAT
Our top seller

Duct tape

Duct tape is a sturdy, oil and water resistant adhesive tape and is great for emergency repairs. Our MCT Duct tape is also suitable for taping together stucloper and fleece. Duct tape is used as a repair tape among other things. Duct tape is practical in use because it is very strong lengthwise, yet easy to tear widthways.

Want to buy Duct tape?

Dutch Protect Flooring supplies black and grey Duct tape as standard. If you are looking for a different colour Duct tape, such as white duct tape, no problem, we can always supply other colours on request.

Nichiban duct tape or Gaffer tape

The Nichiban duct tape from Dutch Protect Flooring is a premium duct tape with high adhesive power. This tape is easy to tear and can be removed cleanly when used correctly. Nichiban duct tape has a fine linen structure, making it very robust. Nichiban is known for its high quality, which means the tape does not leave any glue residue, can be torn very well and tightly (by hand) and is also water-resistant.

Do you want to buy Nichiban duct tape?

You can order Nichiban duct tape from Dutch Protect Flooring in black and grey in the sizes 38 mm/50 m and 50 mm/50 m.

Decorative tape

Dutch Protect Flooring stuclopertape is often used for fixing stuclopers and foil during plastering, building and renovation work. By taping the stucloper, you prevent the cardboard from sliding around on the floor during jobs. The stucloper tape is highly tearable and elastic, which ensures speed and efficiency.
Decorative tape is a PVC tape that rolls off easily and adheres well to almost all smooth subfloors. The stuclopertape is easy to remove without residue after use.

Painters tape

Masking tape, also known as painters tape, is suitable for masking off surfaces that may not be painted.
DPF Masking Tape can be torn off by hand. DPF Masking Tape adheres to almost every surface and is water-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 60°C. It does not leave adhesive residues when removed in time thanks to its rubber solvent adhesive.

Removable double-sided tape

This is a double sided fabric tape for attaching rolls of carpet to a rough trade show floor. The tape is easy to remove and does not leave any glue residues. We can supply this removable tape in standard widths of 12 mm. 20 mm. and 38 mm. Delivered.

DPF Vapour open tape

DPF Vapour-Open Tape is a light vapour-permeable breathable tape that has been specially produced as an addition for masking the seams of a breathable or vapour permeable membrane. DPF Breathable Tape allows moisture to pass through both the bottom and the top, which is why it is important to only use breathable tape on overlapping seams. DPF Vapour-Open Tape is 50mm wide and 25 metres long. It is available by the box, 6 pieces or individual rolls.
Are you interested in our tapes, please ask for a quotation without engagement by sending an e-mail to sales@dutchprotectflooring.nl.