PVC floor

When you want to protect a PVC floor, you should use our Floor Cover to cover your PVC floor. Floor Cover is a super strong light weight adhesive protective film that provides safe protection for hard floors and is easier to apply and remove on hard floors. Just be careful when you want to protect cover a PVC floor without a PU top layer. You should then wait at least 5 days before finishing.

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Protective fleece

DPF Cover Basic 100cm x 25m

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Construction carpet

Covered carpet

114.95 inc. VAT

Construction carpet

Construction carpet

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Cardboard floor protection

Standard cardboard protection 220gr. 65m2.

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Ook kunt u hiervoor onze Multi Cover Standard gebruiken. Multi Cover Standard is schokabsorberend en uitermate geschikt om uw pvc-vloer te beschermen tegen intensieve belasting. Verder kunt u met Multi Cover Air Plus / Premium ook een pvc-vloer afdekken en uw pvc-vloer beschermen tegen krassen. Multi Cover Air Plus / Premium is schokabsorberend en bestand tegen zware belasting.