Dutch Protect Flooring

The management of Dutch Protect Flooring is specialised in the sale and supply of protection materials for all kind of floors. We are located in Lelystad. Our expertise contributes to providing the right protection for your floor during your renovation work.

What to do We?

Dutch Protect Flooring has a wide range of protection materials for floors. There is a suitable product for every surface and every job. We supply all kinds of protection materials, from floor cover to carpet cover, and from various types of protection fleece to construction carpet .

Why Dutch Protect Flooring

We distinguish ourselves in the price, quality and service we provide. Dutch Protect Flooring wants to make the difference by really adding something. No shady quotations, but transparent prices that go hand in hand with the right service and quality.

Who are we?

Dutch Protect Flooring was founded by Calvin & Bob Jannink, together they offer more than 30 years of experience, a large network, broad knowledge and a customer focused approach. Both Bob and Calvin promise full 200% commitment and energy at all times.


Dutch Protect Flooring

The strength of Dutch Protect Flooring lies in its quality, speed and reliability, which is achieved, among other things, by having many products in stock ourselves, with the central warehouse in Lelystad.