Loyalty system

We at Dutch Protect Flooring are delighted when you place an order with us in the web shop. We would like to thank you for that. For each order placed in the web shop, we thank you with reward points via the loyalty system. With these loyalty points you can get a discount on your next order. That's a nice way to store!

Register as a customer of Dutch Protect Flooring and place an order. For every € 1 you spend in our webshop, you will receive 5 loyalty points. You can use these points at your next order for a nice discount of up to 5%. You can see immediately how many points a product is worth on our webshop.

After your order is completed you can view your point balance in your account.

Each point has a value of € 0.01. On your next order you can use these points to get up to max 5% discount on this order.


Suppose by now you have saved 300 points through a previous order.

You now have an item in your shopping basket of €50. You can then choose to receive a 5% discount by redeeming 250 loyalty points. This will give you a discount of € 2.50. The product will now cost you only € 47.50.

You can use the remaining points to continue saving for a new credit and the remaining amount will still earn you points as well.

If you have already placed an order for more than € 2,500 with us, we make it even more attractive. You don't have to save points anymore, but you will benefit from the following discounts:


Master           From € 2,499 to € 6,000 Standard 7.5% discount on our articles

Pro                  From € 6,000 to € 10,000 Standard 10% discount on our articles

Expert              From € 10,000 Standard 15% discount on our articles

Saved points are not transferable because they are linked to your personal account. You can redeem them by placing an order with Dutch Protect Flooring. The savings points have no cash value. This also applies to articles that are returned and for which points have been redeemed for a discount.

Saved points are valid for up to 6 months after receipt. So make sure you turn them in on time. It is a shame if they expire. About a week before your points expire, you will receive an email from us with a reminder.

If you return the item without an exchange for another item, the points saved will be deducted from the total. In case of an exchange, the already saved points remain valid, even if the exchanged article is worth more or less points. If you redeem points for a discount and return the item without an exchange, then unfortunately you will lose the points.

If you have any questions about the points savings system, please let us know at info@dutchprotectflooring.nl.

Number of orders

From € 2,499 to € 6,000

From € 6,000 to € 10,000

From € 10,000


Chatbots: 7.5% discount

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Become a regular customer



24/7 Support: 10% discount


Become a regular customer



24/7 Support:

Teams: 15% discount

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