Cardboard floor protection
A cardboard is a roll of thin protective cardboard with a plastic protective layer. This protective paperboard is sturdy and waterproof and provides protection against moisture, dirt and damage to your floor.

During new construction, renovation and maintenance work, a carboard offers the right protection for your floor. Cardboard floor protection is one of the most widely used materials to protect your floor during these activities.

Especially plasterers use cardboard, but also painters, contractors, handymen our cardboard floor protection

Cardboard floor protection

Standard cardboard protection 220 grams

387.501,099.67 inc. VAT

Cardboard floor protection

Heavy duty cardboard protection 270 grams

532.541,511.37 inc. VAT
Most sold
47.98 inc. VAT
60.44 inc. VAT

Which cardboard should I order?

Would you like to buy a cardboard floor protection? The Dutch Protect Flooring cardboards are available in different thicknesses and sizes. The best role of cardboard to place on your floor depends on the work to be carried out.

Our standard quality cardboard is a professional cardboard floor protection with a weight of 220 gr. and is most often used by professionals. This cardboard protects your surface perfectly against moisture and damage. The dimensions of this carboard rolls are approximately 1.00/1.30 meters wide by 50 meters long, a total of 65m2. Because of the double-sided coating this cardboard floor protection is waterproof. Our rolls are standard in the colors white/white and brown/white.

Our heavy duty professional cardboard floorprotection is a high quality protection cardboard, which protects your floor or subfloor against extra heavy load, dirt and moisture. The carboard has a length of 50m and is approximately 1.00/1.30 meters wide, a total of 65m2. With a weight of 270 g / m2, this cardboard floor protection is extra thick. Because of the double-sided coating this cardboard is waterproof. The standard version of this stuclop is in white or brown cardboard.

Our lightweight carboard floor protection is an economical cardboard roll for protection of floors and other surfaces during plastering, spraying and or painting. The roll is 1 meter wide and has a length of 50 meters. The cardboard roll is lighter than the professional cardboard floor protection, easy to fold and gives less waste. Our lightweight cardboard floor protection is a good alternative to the traditional cardboard.

When do I use a breathable floor protection?

Do not use our stucloper on newly laid floors. A stucloper is not a breathable stucloper. Cloth is a protective cardboard and not a breathable material and can cause discoloration on newly laid floors. For these floors we advise you to use a breathable stucloper. At Dutch Protect Flooring we have a variety of breathable dust jackets in our range suitable for any type of subfloor.

Fast delivery of protective materials

Do you want to buy cardboard floor protection? At Dutch Protect Flooring we can always quickly deliver our cardboard from stock, at very competitive prices.


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