Protection floor

Covering and protecting your floor is very important to prevent floors from becoming damaged, discoloured or dirty. During a renovation or refurbishment, it often happens that a floor gets damaged. It is then very important to protect your floor in the right way and to cover it with the right floor protector.

62.86 inc. VAT

Construction carpet

Covered carpet

114.95 inc. VAT

Construction carpet

Construction carpet

114.95 inc. VAT

Cardboard floor protection

Standard cardboard protection 220 grams

387.501,099.67 inc. VAT

Cardboard floor protection

Standard cardboard protection 220gr. 65m2.

38.12 inc. VAT

Cardboard floor protection

Heavy duty cardboard protection 270 grams

532.541,511.37 inc. VAT
Most sold
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Dutch Protect Flooring specialises in the delivery of the right protection materials for the protection of various surfaces such as carpet, laminate, tiles, wood, cast iron floors, natural stone, stairs etc. Whatever floor you wish to protect, Dutch Protect Flooring has the right protection material in its range for every floor.

Temporary protective film as floor protection for your floor

Protect your floor with a temporary protective fleece. The right protection film protects your carpet, laminate or linoleum floor against damage and dirt. At Dutch Protect Flooring, we always have the right protective foil for protecting your floor while doing odd jobs. Our Carpet Cover self-adhesive films protect your carpet and upholstered stairs during your renovation work. Our Floor Cover self-adhesive foil is very suitable for the protection of hard floors such as laminate, marmoleum and pvc floors.

Floorprotection with protective fleece

We have options to protect your floor when covering a sports floor for an event or meeting. Choose our Multi Cover Event carpet as protective flooring for sports halls, rooms and spaces which are used intensively. Multi Cover Event in a light protective fleece and moisture and shock absorbing.

Carboard for floor protection on odd jobs

During new construction, renovation and maintenance work, a carboard offers the right protection for your floor. A carboard is one of the most common materials to protect your floor during these activities. Especially plasterers use our cardboard, but also painters, contractors, handymen use our cardboard protection. With our cardboard protection you can perfectly protect your floor.

Fast delivery of covering materials to protect your floor

Dutch Protect Flooring can always quickly supply all covering materials from stock at very competitive prices. So if you wish to cover your floor while doing odd jobs, please feel free to contact us. We are also always available for tailor-made advice on the right floorprotection.


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