Professional cover fleece for protecting various floors

When doing odd jobs or renovating, you want to protect your newly laid floor against paint and dirt. It is therefore important to choose a suitable protective material.

Dutch Protect Flooring offers a complete package of professional cover fleece to protect your floor during your renovation work.

With our extensive range of professional cover fleece, we have the right protection for your floor for every job. Whether you are painting or plastering or you want to organize an event. With the right material your floor is always protected. Our various qualities are available in various lengths on a roll.

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Temporary protection during intensive new construction, renovation and maintenance work

Multi Cover Standard is a professional self-adhesive cover fleece suitable for covering and protecting various types of floors and stairs. Multi Cover Standard professional cover fleece consists of two layers. The bottom layer is a non-woven fabric with non-slip coating. The non-slip top layer prevents the penetration of dirt and moisture. Multi Cover Standard thus provides perfect protection for your floor. Multi Cover Standard is a safe protection for all kinds of floors and stairs. Multi Cover Standard can also be used for covering concrete galleries, balcony doors or concrete stairs.

Temporary protection during painting work

Multi Cover Basic is a moisture and shock absorbent protective fleece for the temporary protection of all kinds of surfaces. Paint or other substances are collected and absorbed and do not penetrate through the foil underlay. This makes Multi Cover Basic the ideal protective fleece to use during painting activities.

Protect your floor or stairs with a light breathable and self-adhesive protective fleece

With our Multi Cover Premium we have a light breathable and self-adhesive professional cover fleece in our range which is extremely suitable for the protection of floors or stairs during your new construction, renovation and maintenance work. Because of the adhesive layer the cover always remains fixed to the floor. Because of the special foil Multi Cover Premium professional cover fleece is suitable for covering floors that still need to breathe lightly, such as parquet, ceramic and cast floors.

Professional Capping Sheet for a newly laid floor or moisture sensitive floor

For a newly laid floor or a moisture sensitive floor, it is important not to cover the floor completely during your building, renovation or refurbishment works. With the Multi Cover Breathable Fleece, Dutch Protect Flooring has the solution to protect your floor while you continue your work. Because this self-adhesive professional cover fleece is vapour permeable on the underside, is moisture proof on the top and has an anti-slip coating, it can be laid on a freshly laid floor without any problems.

Protecting your floor during an event

When organising an event, Dutch Protect Flooring can also supply the right material to protect your valuable floor. For example, sports halls, meeting rooms and areas that are used intensively. Multi Cover Event is a lightweight protective fleece that is moisture-proof and shock absorbent. This makes it extremely suitable to use during your event. In short, there are enough possibilities to provide optimal protection for your floors during all your activities.

Fast delivery of protective materials

Dutch Protect Flooring can always quickly supply all protective materials from stock, at very competitive prices.


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