Protection kits

With the protection packages from Dutch Protect Flooring, you will be ready to start your work immediately. We have already put together a package of masking materials and tape for you so that you can get started right away.

You can choose from the following packages:

Multi Cover Standard cover package

Multi Cover Standard is a self-adhesive cover fleece suitable for covering and protecting various types of floors and stairs. Multi Cover Standard consists of two layers. The bottom layer is a non-woven fabric with non-slip coating. The non-slip top layer prevents penetration of dirt and moisture. Multi Cover Standard thus provides perfect protection for your floor.

We have put together 2 packages for you:

  • 2 rolls 100 cm x 50m
  • 2 rolls of MCT Duct tape
  • 2 rolls 65 cm x 25m
  • 1 roll MCT Duct tape

Multi Cover Basic cover package

Multi Cover Basic is a non-woven moisture and shock absorbent cover fleece for the temporary protection of all kinds of substrates. Multi Cover Basic consists of two layers. The bottom layer is an anti-slip foil so that it always remains tightly attached. The soft top layer consists of recycled textile that has been compressed and thermally welded to the bottom layer. The textile top layer provides good shock absorption and is moisture absorbent. Paint or other substances are thereby absorbed and sucked up and do not penetrate the foil bottom layer.

At Dutch Protect Flooring we have already put together the following packages for you.

  • 2 rolls 200 cm x 50m
  • 2 rolls of MCT Duct tape
  • 2 rolls 100cm x 50m
  • 2 rolls of MCT Duct tape

Multi Cover Breathable cover package

Multi Cover Breathable is a highly breathable, self-adhesive cover fleece for newly laid floors. Multi Cover Breathable consists of several layers. The bottom layer is a non-slip, lightly adhering fleece with a special membrane. This membrane is vapour permeable from the bottom, but moisture proof from the top. Multi Cover Breathable will therefore not adversely affect the curing process of new floors. Multi Cover Breathable has the highest vapour permeability: 2 litres/m2/24 hours. The carpet pad is also provided with an anti-slip coating. This coating is insensitive to moisture and can therefore be used on newly laid floors without any problems.

  • 2 rolls 200 cm x 50m
  • 2 rolls of MCT Duct tape

Cloth cover package

The stuclopers Dutch Protect Flooring is an unprinted and moisture proof protection board for covering floors. With the stucloper cover packages you are ready to start your work.

126.98 inc. VAT
  • 2 rolls of light weight cardboard 100cm x 50m
  • 3 rolls of cardboard tape

Cardboard protection

Cardboard protection kit

98.46 inc. VAT
  • 2 rolls stucloper 130 cm x 50m 270 gr.
  • 3 rolls of cardboard tape

Specification tape

Cloth Tape is the ideal tape for taping the seams of stucloper.

The stucloper tape adheres well to the stucloper and adheres to many smooth substrates. For the solid, fast and economical taping of the seams of our stucloper we recommend our stucloper tape.

Stucloper is a PVC tape that unrolls easily and has an adhesive layer that makes it easy to remove.