Protecting your floor is very important during DIY, remodeling, new construction or renovation. The choice of covering materials is enormous.

Dutch Protect Flooring has an extensive range of covering materials

With our extensive range, we have the right covering material available for every job. Below we would like to give you an overview of our masking materials.

Carpet Cover is a self-adhesive film, which is ideal for covering carpet and stairs with carpet. The cover material has an adhesive layer which means it will always stay in place and does not leave any glue residue after removal. Carpet Cover is available in various sizes and thicknesses.

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Floor Cover is a lightly adhesive cover film, which is ideal for temporarily covering hard floors such as laminate, marmoleum and pvc floors. Floor Cover covering material is available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Multicover Basic is a basic cover fleece for covering various floors during painting activities. This cover material provides good shock absorption and is moisture absorbent. Because paint or other substances are captured and absorbed, this cover material is extremely suitable for protecting your floor during painting.

Multicover Standard is a self-adhesive cover fleece suitable for covering and protecting various hard floors and stairs.

Multicover breathable is a self-adhesive cover fleece for covering newly laid floors such as natural stone, exposed concrete and cementitious screeds. With this cover material, we have the solution to protect your newly laid or moisture-sensitive floor while you can continue with your work. 

Multi Cover Premium is a slightly breathable and self-adhesive cover fleece. This capping material is suitable for floors that still need to breathe slightly such as parquet, ceramic and cast floors.

Multicover Event is ideal for covering various floors in, for example, sports halls, halls and rooms that are walked on intensively.

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Multicover Cover / building carpet is ideal for protecting various floors, galleries and stairs during intensive construction activities.

Cardboard floor protection is an unprinted and moisture-proof protection board suitable for covering hard floors such as ceramic tiles, laminate and PVC floors.

Cardboard protection

Cardboard protection kit

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Cardboard floor protection

Standard cardboard protection 220 grams

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Cardboard floor protection

Heavy duty cardboard protection 270 grams

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Why choose Dutch Protect Flooring

Dutch Protect Flooring offers a complete range to cover and protect your valuable floor during your renovation, refurbishment and building works. With our different covering materials Dutch Protect Flooring always offers a solution for covering carpet, laminate, linoleum, parquet, natural stone and stairs.

Do you want to buy cover material?

Dutch Protect Flooring can always quickly supply all protective materials from stock, at very competitive prices.


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