Floor Cover Protective Film

Floor Cover is a superstrong, mild adhesive protective film, which is ideal for temporarily protection of hard surfaces such as laminate, marmoleum and pvc against dirt. Floor Cover is also very suitable for the protection of wooden stairs.

Temporary protection of laminate, tiles or linoleum

During new construction, renovation and maintenance work Floor Cover of Dutch Protect Flooring offers a safe protection for hard floors, such as laminate, linoleum, ceramic tiles or flagstones. Thanks to the very thick material this product is very well applicable during intensive activities.

Covering laminate flooring, tiles or linoleum with Floor Cover of Dutch Protect Flooring is very simple. Floor Cover protective film is a self-adhesive protection film on roll. The protective film rolled up in such a way that the adhesive layer is on the outside. Unroll the protective film by hand or foot until all seams are overlapped. The self-adhesive protective film provides perfect protection for the floor in no time at all.

Floor Cover by Dutch Protect Flooring is quick and easy to process. Thanks to the self-adhesive underlayer it remains well adhered and no tape is required. The protective film is therefore safe to use for rolling scaffolds, carts and dolphins.
The adhesive layer of the protective film does not adhere too strongly to the surface, so that the self-adhesive protective film can be removed particularly quickly. The floor is left clean without any residues.

Wooden staircase covered with Floor Cover protection film

Because Floor Cover has a special adhesive layer, it will always remains in place. This is certainly very important on stairs.
Attention! Apply Floor Cover only to a surface that is fully cured, dry and clean.

Floor Cover by Dutch Protect Flooring is available in various thicknesses and adhesive strengths.