Protective films

Whenever you paint, splatters happen. If you are going to paint, it is therefore very wise to protect your floors with a protective film.

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Protective films

DPF Masking Tape 30 pieces

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It is also wise to protect your floor in the right way during various new building, rebuilding and renovation works.
For these jobs and construction work, use a self-adhesive protection film from Dutch Protect Flooring as a floor protector, or to cover a staircase, so that you know for sure that it is good.
With our Carpet Cover and Floor Cover you always have the right protective film to protect your floor.
We also have various masking films in our range for masking large and small surfaces during painting and/or plastering work.

Carpet Cover

Carpet Cover is a self-adhesive film, which is ideal for temporarily protection of carpet, carpet tiles and upholstered stairs. Carpet Cover is provided with an adhesive layer so it always remains in place and leaves no adhesive residue after removal.

Floor Cover

Floor Cover is a lightly adhesive film, which is ideal for temporarily protection of hard floors such as laminate, marmoleum and pvc against dirt. Floor Cover is also very suitable for the protection of wooden stairs.

Masking film and masking tape

Masking film is ideal for easy masking of large and small surfaces when painting and/or plastering. DPF masking film with masking tape is easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residues.
The masking tapes of Dutch Protect Flooring are very suitable for a quick finish where an extremely tight finish is required.